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History, at Cranbury College, is offered as an option. We want to be able to offer a recognised and meaningful qualification in history to all learners, regardless of prior attainment or ability.

The OCR Entry Level Certificate in History follows the GCSE (9–1) History content in an innovative and accessible way. It also provides a fantastic curriculum for students to pursue their interests in a varied range of events in local, British and wider world history.


Entry Level History provides pupils with a chance to study a broad range of historical events and periods. The course is designed to engage learners and develop their desire and skill to carry on their historical learning beyond the classroom. Pupils will learn how to analyse historical events with a focus on causation, consequences, change and continuity. They will learn how to assess the usefulness of historical sources and present their findings in written format.

The course aims to foster pupils’ ability to be independent learners, critical thinkers and decision makers. These are key personal skills that can help young people to stand out as they progress to further education and/or work.