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Information Technology (IT) is a core subject offered to students at Cranbury College. IT provides our students with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to understand our rapidly changing world and allows them to access further education or enter into the world of employment with the ability to use technological tools and a core set of IT skills.


Key Stage 3

IT lessons are offered as part of the statutory KS3 Core curriculum. Lessons are integrated in the cross-subject topics/themes to enhance pupils' numeracy and literacy skills. Areas covered include:

  • Computer and online safety
  • File management skills
  • Using word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programmes
  • Developing awareness of the impact of IT on society
  • Building skills needed for life, further education and work


Key Stage 4

All students within KS4 are provided with IT lessons as part of their Core curriculum.

Students continue to study and develop their knowledge and understanding of the topics covered at KS3. In addition, all subjects have IT embedded within them, which provide students with further opportunities to develop and build upon their skill and knowledge base.

The target for KS4 students is to study for a Level 1 Certificate in Digital Skills, alongside the Digital Skills (including e-Safety) unit in the Prince’s Trust Personal Development and Employability (PDE) Skills qualification.

 KS4 students who are on an individual timetable are also be provided with IT lessons as appropriate to their programme and personal needs.



Students within our Post-16 Vision Unit have the option to study IT for a Level 1 Certificate in Digital Skills in their personal programme, if they have not previously achieved it. All subjects have IT embedded within them and provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills in preparation for further education, life and future employment.

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