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All students are on a learning journey which continues during their time at Cranbury College in order to prepare them for success in the next steps of their life journey.

In order for that journey to be stimulating, enjoyable and successful for all our students we ensure that:

  • Students have access to various curriculum pathways and a broad range of courses appropriate to their strengths, needs and aspirations.
  • Students are taught using a wide range of techniques and resources which promote deep learning and understanding.
  • Students develop a range of skills and learning habits so that they can manage their own learning as much as possible:
  • Students are both supported and challenged where necessary.
  • Students and parents know and understand their end of key stage performance targets;
  • Students and parents know and understand what they need to do to ensure students make strong progress towards their targets; and
  • Teachers and support staff understand how they can help every student in their care to progress along their personal Learning Journey.

At Cranbury College we use a model of ‘I do, We do, You do’ to provide active modelling and opportunities to build confidence as we know that learning new skills can be stressful and that this stress can prevent our students from learning new things. We use a consistent approach across all of our subjects so that our students become confident in developing skills that are transferable to the wider community.

Please find our Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework within our Continuous Improvement Strategy which can be found on the Key Policies page here.