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At Cranbury College, we believe PSMSC education enables students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future. This ranges from making informed decisions about healthy relationships to managing their money. Our intent is to provide our students with an understanding of themselves and others, to manage their well-being, to ensure they can build and sustain healthy relationships, and to understand how they will change and develop.  

Big Ideas 


Identity and Difference 

Understanding identity and difference is integral to students positively and successfully navigating their future. Knowing and accepting themselves is key to knowing and understanding others. Students will learn the benefits and value of different beliefs, cultures, and groups. They will also develop assertiveness skills and an understanding of the law that can help them stay true to their values and challenge inequalities they, or others, may experience. 


Well-being has many dimensions. Students need to understand each of these to live a happy and healthy life, whether that is physically, socially, emotional, mentally or economically. Understanding the importance of being ‘healthy’ in these areas is about making positive and well-informed choices. In order to do this, students will learn about understanding and assessing risk.  

My Relationships 

The term relationship is far-reaching and multifaceted. Our curriculum develops students' understanding of relationships, the law and sexual activity; embracing moral, spiritual, and cultural values. It not only teaches students how to build and sustain healthy and intimate relationships, but to understand when relationships may have a negative impact on themselves or others.  

Developing Me 

Students will gain knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of growth and development. They will understand about the physical and biological aspects of puberty, and growing up, the human life cycle and how a baby is conceived and born; having knowledge of the appropriate factual information. Our curriculum will also ensure understanding of feelings associated with development and change for themselves and others.  


At Cranbury College, success is not just measured by academic achievement but by the character of an individual. Our aim is to make every child in our care the very best version of themselves through nurturing talent, channelling creativity, exposing ambition and competing for excellence. Students will experience a rich tapestry of opportunities that will shape choices, develop pride and confidence, as well as prepare students for their next steps in life.