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At Cranbury College, Physical Education is used to develop students’ motor skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills and communication skills.  We want to provide our students with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of themselves and others and how working together can benefit everyone.  We aim to promote healthy lifestyles and build their resilience to various challenges as we prepare them for the wider world. 

At Cranbury, students will explore (but not limited to) the following areas: 

  • Integrity – students will begin to learn that it's not winning that matters but being competitive and living within the rules. 
  • Kindness – students will begin to recognise the importance of teamwork and to encourage and support those who find activities difficult. 
  • Perseverance – students will begin to understand that there are no ‘shortcuts’ and that it is commitment and continued hard work that will gain the most positive results.
  • Respect – students will begin to recognise the importance of winning, and losing, with humility.
  • Tolerance – students will begin to identify both their own strengths and weaknesses alongside the strengths and weaknesses of others and will begin to support both. 

At Cranbury College we use physical education skills as an opportunity to introduce students to a variety of activities that differ from their daily physical activity and give access to facilities and resources they may not have been previously exposed to.  Therefore, we work closely with external providers to provide a broad and balanced offer for all students at Cranbury College.  All students are offered Core PE, which will provide them with challenging and stimulating learning experiences that develop core skills, some advanced skills, decision-making and the understanding of physical education and the principles within, with hard work leading to success. At Cranbury College, all students complete two lessons of core PE each week.