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Our curriculum is designed to provide our young people with real, engaging, and positive experiences which support their personal development. As a PRU/Alternative Provision Academy, we understand how important each individual is to their own Learning Journey and that is why we place them directly at the centre of all planning.


At Cranbury College Primary, we offer a bespoke and individualised timetable to each of our pupils, in order to meet their specific needs. Each term is topic-based, which ensures cross-curricular learning.

Reading, writing and maths are taught on a 1:1 basis or small group, at the appropriate level for each pupil. These lessons are taught in various ways which best suit the learning style of each student.

In Cranbury College primary we are following the Read, Write Inc scheme (RWI). We have found most schools in Reading follow RWI therefore helping consistency for some children. Some children follow the phonics programme, and some follow Fresh Start programme depending on age and ability.  

Regular story time is offered daily, and children are required to read or listen to a story at least once a day. We believe that reading for interest is important and children are encouraged to read anything they are interested in. Reading is a cross curricula subject and is encouraged in all areas. We teach children to question and answer questions at different levels. We also encourage reading texts and information on the Internet.  


When children arrive at Cranbury College Primary assessments are carried out and gained from primary schools. A RWI phonics assessment is carried out, and then a starting point is identified. Children are then assessed regularly in line with RWI assessments. Children who do not need the RWI programme are teacher assessed and assessed using NGRT (National Group Reading Test). The NGRT assessment and teacher assessment is then carried out at the end of term 2,4 and 6. We highlight the national curriculum objectives which provides us with our next steps for learning. This also helps us to identify any gaps in children’s learning.  

Maths is taught following the White Rose scheme which works alongside the National Curriculum. We identify gaps in knowledge and use a variety of strategies to fill these.

We assess children using the personal, behaviour and social development assessment which is linked to our seven golden threads. We ask schools to complete the first assessment and then assess every half term to show the progress made areas that need further support. 

We offer a vast range of alternative curriculum activities, which meet the emotional, social and mental health requirements of our pupils.

Including therapeutic interventions such as:

  • Massage
  • Speech and Language therapy

Mentoring support and team building activities include:

  • Reading Football Club
  • Gardening at MERL
  • Brickies (Lego construction)
  • Autoskills (mechanics programme)
  • Reading Play (team building and self-esteem raising)
  • Swimming
  • Readi-pop

In addition to this, as part of our curriculum we also offer:

  • Food Technology
  • Art
  • Science
  • IT
  • Design Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Personal Development
  • Sport
  • Variety of off-site Enrichment trips and visits

We are constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities to engage our students.

For further information about what students will be studying and the options that are available to them please download our Curriculum Statement.

KS1 and KS2 SATS are offered to students who progress sufficiently to attempt them.

If you require further information regarding the Primary curriculum, please email