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Our curriculum is designed to provide our young people with real, engaging, and positive experiences; supporting personal development and underpinned by an environment that is focused on community. As a specialist AP (Alternative Provision) Academy, we understand how important each individual is to their own Learning Journey and that is why we place them directly at the centre.

Key stage 3

The KS3 team endeavour to find an appropriate pathway for each individual student. Whether this is a trial at a new mainstream school, a specialist school or a bespoke timetable at Cranbury, each student will receive individual intervention and support to enable them to thrive and succeed in an environment that suits them.

Regular reviews are completed alongside parents and other professionals, to ensure that each student is being given the tools and opportunity to reach their potential. To enable change in behaviour, and confidence in learning, the college offers a holistic child centred curriculum, based on the Core Subjects (English, Maths, PSHE, Science and IT) plus additional subjects such as Art, Humanities, Food Technology and ASDAN.

For more information regarding the KS3 Curriculum please contact, Courtney Leluan-Bird                                  (


Key stage 4

KS4 Futures is for students to follow the Cranbury College Core Curriculum, plus personalised options that enable them to gain the qualifications, skills and experience needed to be successful in, the world of work and making a positive contribution to their families and society.

Academic, Pastoral, and Career staff, work with AP and WEX partners to help students chose an educational, trade or career pathway.

Student programmes of study are tailored to support them in preparing and making the first steps towards achieving their future goals. Students in YR 9/10, who are able and want to take that pathway, are supported to return to mainstream school.

For more information regarding the KS4 Curriculum please contact, Nicky Dziewulska-Miles                             N.


Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5 (Post 16) offers a college setting with smaller class sizes which may appeal to students who find larger settings difficult to access.

Typically, students who do well with us are those who have a clear pathway in mind but are not yet ready to transition into Employment or Further Education.

Alongside academic subjects such as Maths and English (in accordance with the Guidance on resits and ongoing study) we also offer EEP (Employability, Enrichment and Pastoral).

All students are offered a bespoke 16 session timetable tailored to meet their individual needs and aspirations. Students work alongside staff to gain academic qualifications and improve skills to help them transition into further education, apprenticeships and employment.

For more information regarding the KS5 Curriculum please contact, Rajinder Chima

For further information about what students will be studying and the options that are available to them please download our Curriculum Statement