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About a third of students responded to the survey (up 6% on 2021).

75% of students rate Cranbury College as “very good” or “excellent” and 58% say they are proud to attend the school.

Students are very complementary about the College’s provision for example:

  • 100 % of secondary students say they feel they are becoming more independent and 88% feel they are better at managing their own emotions and reactions.
  • 94% of secondary students and 88% of primary pupils feel safe in school.
  • 92% say they understand about consent and respectful relationships.
  • 92% say they understand about e-safety.
  • 89% of secondary students feel happy in school.
  • 88% primary pupils enjoy lessons.
  • 88% say they understand about gangs and knife crime and how to protect themselves
  • 83% say they understand about how to look after my mental and emotional health.
  • 83% say they understand about the dangers of drugs and addiction.
  • 82% of secondary students understand why good behaviour is important for everyone to do well.

Cranbury college has amazing staff who will go out of their way to benefit the children.

Priorities set by parents for 2022-2023:

In primary

  • Feelings of happiness and being cared for.

In secondary

  • Enjoyment of learning.
  • Feeling challenged.

All year groups

  • Behaviour in and outside lessons.
  • Clarity of anti-bullying messaging (especially where to go to get help).
  • Confidence in reading.
  • Understanding of what they are learning and why, and feedback on work.
  • Quality of learning about careers & apprenticeships, equality law and extremism/radicalisation.
  • Access to enrichment for all year groups.

These will form part of our School Improvement Planning and will be reviewed next year.